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Report National Work shop on "Soil and Water Quality Management in Brackishwater Aquaculture

The first National workshop on “Soil and Water Quality Management in Brackishwater Aquaculture” was held on 3rd & 4th January, 2017 at Fisheries College and Research Institute, Ponneri. Underpinning the importance of soil and water quality variables, at the hatchery and culture level for proper management theme of this workshop has been framed to give an insight to the farmers. Twenty participants comprising lab technicians and aqua farmers from different parts of the country such as Gujarat, West Bengal, Andhrapradesh and Tamilnadu were represented.

The workshop began with a welcome address by Dr. S. Felix, Dean FCRI, Ponneri. He highlighted the importance of soil and water quality in practical account of aquaculture practices and its role in aquatic health management. He also emphasized the relation between the intensification and environmental impact on the discharge of effluents and briefed on effluent treatment processes. D.A.G.Ponnaiah, former director of Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture gave Presidential address about the ignorance of the farmers on soil and water quality testing and creating awareness among the farmer community on these testing procedures along with tolerable ranges. He also appreciated the Dean of FCRI, Ponneri for conducting farmers and industrial oriented programmes constantly and acknowledged the role of FCRI, Ponneri in improving the regional aquaculture development in Tamilnadu. Later felicitation address was given by Dr.Neelakandan, Senior Executive of Virbac company envisaged the collaboration of institute-industrial partnership in bringing out the effective research on field trials for farmer friendly technologies was highly pronounced in FCRI, Ponneri and motivated the participants for their active participation. Vote of thanks proposed by Dr.A.Gopalakannan and winded up the inaugural function.

The first day session theme “Fundamentals of Soil and Water Science in Brackishwater Aquaculture”  started with deliberation on “ Soil and Water Quality Parameters in Aquaculture” by Dr.S. Felix, Dean, FCRI, Ponneri. Importance and types of source water and culture systems was presented by Dr.Cheryl Antony Head, Department of Aquaculture  and  followed by this the guide for source water quality assessment was explained by Dr.A.Gopalakannan, Head, Department of Aquatic Animal Health Management. To give an deep insight about the interactions of pH, Carbondioxide, alkalinity and hardness in the culture systems  as well to enlighten the pond bottom soil management ,Ms.Aruna, Head, Department  of Fisheries Environment addressed her talk on these perspectives. The second day session theme on “Soil and Water Quality Management in Advanced Culture Systems”  revealed the myth on necessasities on the fertilization and liming materials in shrimp farming.

The remedial measures on the water fluctuations in inland saline shrimp farming in regard to outdoor and  indoor culture systems such as raceways and ponds and essential minerals addition in inland saline water was deliberated by Ms. M. Menaga, Ph.D  Research Scholar, Department of Aquaculture. Later water quality management in Recirculatory Aquaculture Sytems and its operation in hatchery and seed production was presented by Mr.T.L.S. Samuel Moses, Assistant Professor, Department of Aquaculture. Also  advanced methods of solid removal was   explained by Mr. Sambid Swain, Teaching Assistant, Department of Aquaculture. To given an practical exposure to the participants ,the important  water quality parameters  analyses procedures were demonstrated at Water quality testing laboratory at FCRI, Ponneri and at Advanced Research Farm Facility at Madhavaram. Plankton counting methods and important biofloc monitoring water quality parameters in the context of solid management and various advanced culture systems such as RAS,AMF driven raceways were also taught to the participants. On the occasion of valedictory function, Dr.S. Felix Dean, FCRI, Ponneri distributed the certificates to the participants and thanked the participants for their active participation.