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Organised (Three Days & One Week) Vocational Training on “Seaweed Farming” at Department of Coastal Aquaculture, Tharuvaikulam

Department of Coastal Aquaculture, Tharuvaikulam offered three days (04.01.2017 to 06.01.2017) and one week (18.01.2017 to 25.01.2017) vocational training on “Seaweed Farming”. A total of 02 trainees from Vishakhapatnam and Thoothukudi participated. During this programme, various aspects of seaweed farming along with demonstrations were taught to the participants. After this exposure, these two participants were taken to Mullakadu coast of Thoothukudi district so as to gain hands on knowledge in seaweed farming. On the concluding day, Dr.G.Sugumar, Dean distributed the certificates to the participants and spoken on the importance of this week long vocation training programme to motivate the coastal community to take up seaweed farming to alleviate poverty and to improve their financial status. Dr.S.Athithan, Professor and Head of this Department is coordinated the above training programme.