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National Fish Farmers’ Day 2017 conducted at Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi on 10.07.2017

On behalf of Tamil Nadu Fisheries University, the Fisheries College and Research Institute, Thoothukudi organized a National Fish Farmers Day on 10.07.2017. The National Fish Farmers day has been organized every year to mark the technological development of induced breeding of Indian major carps by Dr.Hiralal Chaudhery and Dr.K.H.Alikunhi in the 1950s, which has led to organized fish farming in the country. A total of 36 participants including fish farmers, fisheries entrepreneurs, ruralfolk and aqua industries personnel from in and around Thoothukudi district were attended. In the inaugural function held in the forenoon on 10.07.2017, Dr.R.Santhakumar, Chair, School of Fisheries Information and Social Sciences welcomed the gathering. Dr.A.Srinivasan, Ph.D. Dean i/c, FC&RI, Thoothukudi presided the function and emphasised the water resources available for fish culture in India and Tamil Nadu and its importance for freshwater fish culture for enhancing fish production. Dr.B.Ahilan, Chair i/c, School of Aquaculture, in his felicitation address, highlighted the importance of induced breeding techniques for increased fish production. Dr.K.Veerabhadran, Professor and Head, Department of Fisheries Extension proposed vote of thanks. Technical lectures such as recent trends in ornamental fish culture, importance of feed quality in fish culture, water quality management in fish culture and common diseases management in freshwater fish culture systems were delivered by the experts of this institute. At the end, feedback about the programme was also obtained from the farmers.