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Thiru. D. Jayakumar, B.Sc., BL., Honourable Minister of Fisheries visited the Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park

Thiru. D. Jayakumar, B.Sc., BL., Honourable Minister of Fisheries visited the Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park (ARTP) project site and enquired on the work progress of the project on 28.11.2016.  Dr.S. Felix, Dean, FC&RI, Ponneri and the Principal Investigator of the project briefed the Honourable Minister on the works being carried out with respect to the ARTP project. Dr.K. Rathnakumar, the Vice Chancellor (acting) and Registrar, TNFU was also present on the occasion.

The Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park (ARTP) is first of its kind in the country being established at the Advanced Research Farm Facility, (ARFF) Madhavaram which is an off-campus  Facility of Fisheries College an Research Institute, Ponneri a constituent unit of Tamil Nadu Fisheries University. The Innovative ARTP project is funded by the Tamil Nadu Innovation Initiatives (TANII: 2015 -2016),  Govt. of  Tamil Nadu. The objectives of the scheme are to develop advanced infrastructures and to promote latest production technologies for ornamental aquaculture, by improving the skills of ornamental fish culturists in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Thrust areas of the project are: i) Development of advanced infrastructure and technical expertise for ‘mass production of high value ornamental fish species (indigenous and exotic) ii) Development of breeding technologies for high value ornamental fish species (indigenous) and ensure quality fish seeds in bulk quantities at any given point of time iii) New technologies in live feed culture and uninterrupted supply of live feeds iv) Advanced disease diagnosis and treatment mechanism – knowledge and affordability.

Budget and Project components

      Budget outlay of the scheme (Rs. 1030.50 in Lakhs) Project components are follows: 1. Multispecies Ornamental Fish Hatchery (10 Units) 2. Indoor Raceway Systems (10 Units) 3. Outdoor Raceway cum RAS systems (10 Units) 4. Live Feed Culture Unit (1 Unit) 5. Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (1 Unit) 6. Quarantine Units (2 Units), 6. Trading cum Shopping Complex (50 retail shops) Beneficiaries of the scheme 200 to 250 Ornamental fish farmer entrepreneurs will  be directly benefited by utilising the advanced production & trading facilities. The project will also involve research students and scholars for developing of new technologies in the field of ornamental fish farming. Mode of Operation:  The Operation and Management (O&M) of the project will be performed through an independent O&M company. The facilities will be given to the stake holders on rental / lease basis. The advanced technologies will be disseminated to the stake holders by Tamil Nadu Fisheries University through a SPV mode.