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Good management practices in aquaculture conducted under the TANII project


E Fish Health Surveillance And Monitoring Network To Improve Fisheries Production In Tamilnadu Awareness Program  On 27.06.2017

A meeting on “Good management practices in aquaculture” was conducted by TNFU jointly with Reliance foundation on 27-06-2017 at Ponneri. The objective of the meeting was to address to the technical queries of the shrimp and fish farmers related to diseases in aquaculture. The meeting was attended by a representative from TamilNadu State Department of Fisheries.

Dr. A. Uma,Professor and Head,Fisheries Research and Extension Centre, TNFU&the Principal Investigator of the TANII scheme. Dr.A.Uma briefed the activities undertaken and the prepared work planned under the TANII scheme funded by Tamil Nadu State Govt and the farmers were appraised of the benefits they would get by joining the network formed in this project and by availing in the services.

Mr.Sujin Assistant Manager, Reliance Foundation welcomed the gathering and explained the activities undertaken by them for the benefit of fishermen(Aquafarmers) to improve their economic status.

New initiatives like weather forecasting, telecommunication, field surveillance and mobile laboratory were also discussed to improve the productivity in shrimp farming.

Pamphlets and handouts on disease management practices were distributed to the farmers. During this session queries related to the following issues pertaining to disease management were asked

  1. Identification of good quality seeds for shrimp farming
  2. Use of PCR on identification of diseases.
  3. How lime can be used in the field to Prevent EHP disease.
  4. Methods to screen WSSV and EHPin seeds through PCRand Stress test.
  5. Vibrio and White Faecal Disease.
  6. Role of Probiotics in controlling ammonia level and increasing productivity.

During discussion the outbreak of seasonal diseases and also the means to control them were well discussed. The Session also introduced weather forecasting through voice calls, which aids the farmers on safeguarding their culture ponds from the effects of climate change across Tamil Nadu. Forecasting the optimal temperature to be maintained during cold season to prevent prevalence of infections. Andthe use of modern day telecommunication medium like Whatsapp and SMS, email were also discussed.

Mr. Alaikadal Mani of AKR farm explained the organic management practices he follows for successful farming operations for the benefit of the farmers who attended the meeting.The meeting concluded with the note of thanks by Mr.Sujin of Reliance Foundation.