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"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Better Planning and Budgeting for Climate Change Adaptation in Aquaculture and Fisheries” held at FC & RI, Ponneri on 25.10.17

Tamil Nadu Fisheries University (TNFU) in association with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) organized a brainstorming session on “Better Planning and Budgeting for Climate Change Adaptation in Aquaculture and Fisheries” at FC & RI, Ponneri on 25.10.17. Dr.Baskaran Manimaran, former Vice Chancellor, TNFU and convener of the session welcomed the participants. Dr.S.Felix, Vice Chancellor, TNFU in his inaugural addressacknowledged NABARD’s continuous supporttoTNFU especially in infrastructure development of the University. Dr. S.N. A. Jinnah, Chief General Manager of NABARD, Regional Office, Chennai in his inaugural address invited TNFU to act as a Centre of Excellence in climate change in the fisheries sector by playing a lead role in framing the National and State Action Plan for Climate Change (SAPCC) in the fisheries sector. The technical session began with the presentation on “Carbon footprints in fisheries and aquaculture” by Dr. S. Felix, Vice Chancellor, TNFU, Nagapattinam which was followed by the following presentations:

  • “Climate change vulnerability and implication in Fisheries and Aquaculture” presented by Dr.Baskaran Manimaran, Former Vice Chancellor, TNFU
  • “Effect of climate change on aquatic food safety and security” presentedby Dr.G.Jeyasekaran,Director of Research (i/c), TNFU, Nagapattinam
  • “Low carbon emission technologies for fisheries and aquaculture” presented by Dr.Jawahar, Professor, FC & RI, Thoothukudi

All the aforesaid presentations by TNFU’s representatives dealt with the current status of the impact of climate change over fisheries and aquaculture as well as suitable resilient measures to mitigate the impact.Mr.V.Mashar, DGM, NABARD gave a presentation on“Climate finance for fisheries and aquaculture sector – national and international scenario”. He further continued to explain how to write and win a climate change related projects from NABARD and also informed about the climate change areas in which TNFU is expected to send project proposals to NABARD. In the valedictory function, bamboo saplings were distributed to the participants of the session. TNFU brainstorming session committee members, Students (PG & PhD), progressive farmers and ADF, Tiruvallur accompanied by SIF, Ponneri attended the event.