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Tamil Nadu Fisheries University succeeded in Industry sponsored research to maximize the carp culture in India

Fisheries College and Research Institute, Ponneri a constituent unit of Tamil Nadu Fisheries University successfully tested feed additive product  KemZYMETM developed by KEMIN Industries Private Limited  in its outstation Advanced Research Far Facility, Madhavaram. The use of conventional feeds  such as Rice bran,  Ground nut oil cake and Cotton seed cake inhibits the natural digestion process of the animal and in turn it affects the growth rate. To meet these challenges Tamil Nadu Fisheries University and KEMIN industries Pvt Ltd conducted Project Success Meet after commericial testing of the feed additive product  KemZYMETM to improve the digestibility in pond culture of Labeo rohita .Mr. kannan, Marketing Director and Sales Aqua felicitated Dr. S. Felix, Vice Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Fisheries University and Dr.Cheryl Antony delievered the welcome address.  Carps form the mainstay of aquaculture practice in India contributing over 85% of the total aquaculture. Advancements in culture systems and technology hinders the adoption of carp culture,said Dr.S.Felix.He also said  Tamil Nadu Fisheries University helps in the modernisation of carp culture by rearing it in the advanced culture system. High biosecurity by the eradication of weeds and aquatic insects was standardized by replacing the conventional culture technology.He also released the brochure on “Maximize Carp culture” and the same was received by Dr.Rajalakshmi, Senior Scientist, Kemin Industries. Research over the KemZYMETM Aqua product led to the improved digestibility and feed conversion in carp culture and this product was transferred to carp farmers of Tamil Nadu and Andhra pradesh. Mr.Hari ,Vice President,R & D aqua conveyed his gratitude to the Vice chancellor of Tamil Nadu Fisheries University for facilitating the Industry Institute research project in freshwater aquaculture.