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Cluster group formation of Ornamental Fish Farmers at CMFC,Mandapam

Under the NADP Project on Strengthening of Regional Centres of CeSA., a meeting of the marine ornamental fish farmers was organized on 23.03.2017 at Centre for Marine Fin Fish Culture, Seeniappa Dargha, Mandapam.  The objective of the programme was to sensitize the trainees to form cluster groups for farming marine ornamental fishes and developing a brood bank for marine ornamental fishes. Totally 34 (25 female and 9 male) participants attended the programme which included a short training also in marine ornamental fish selection and rearing.

This joint programme was inaugurated  by Mr.P.Isaac Jeyakumar, Deputy Director of Fisheries, Ramanathapuram and Sivagangai district in the presence of Dr.J.Stephen Sampath Kumar, Director, Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture, TNFU who presided over the function. Dr.P.Jawahar, Professor and Head, CMFC and Dr.C.Anand, Assistant Professor, CMFC made arrangements for this function .

 In his augural address, Th. P. Issac Jeyakumar, DDF congratulated the efforts of Tamil Nadu Fisheries University in organizing various training programmes on ornamental fish farming.. He also noted the improvements that these training programmes had brought in the lives of several trainees. The Director of CeSA gave the presidential address and emphasized the role of the State Agricultural universities in the upliftment of livelihood of fisherfolk and asked them to approach the Centre for all technical assistance. The Professor and Head, CMFC had reassured the trainees for all technical assistance for marine ornamental fish farming during the inaugural session.

The inaugural session was followed by three technical lectures.Dr. P.Jawahar in his technical lecture highlighted the marine ornamental fishes available in the Gulf of Mannar region and spoke about the ways of collecting them onboard and bringing them in live condition to the shore. . Dr.C.Anand, Assistant Professor gave two technical lectures one on Marine Ornamental Fish Maintenance Methods and the other on Management of Water Quality Parameters in Marine Ornamental Fish Farming. He explained the maintenance of marine ornamental fishes especially the clownfish, Amphiprion sebae in Fibre Glass Reinforced (FRP) Tanks and glass tanks, feeding, exchange of water, testing of water quality parameters and their maintenance. The trainees were also demonstrated about the use of water quality testing instruments like pH meter, Thermometer and Refractometer for measuring water quality parameters. At the end of the programme the group members have given their feedback about the programme and assured that there shall be meetings in the coming weeks among the groups for further development.