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Mr. M. Ramar



Assistant Professor

Field of Specialization


Organic Electronics



1/188, East Street, Vannimadai
Nenmeni (PO), Sattur (TK)
Tamil Nadu - 626202





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Areas of Interest:

  • Organic electronics
  • Crystal growth

Honours & Awards :

  • Qualified CSIR – UGC Junior Research Fellowship and Lectureship in Physical Sciences
  • Qualified CSIR - Senior Research Fellowship and Junior Research Fellowship

Publications (nos):

Book/Book chapter Research/Review papers Technical articles Training/practical  manual Radio talk/Television
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Current projects : Nil 

Completed projects : Nil

Research publications : 

  1. Ramar, M., S. S. Rawat, R. Srivastava, S. K . Dhawan and C. K. Suman. 2016. Impact of cross linking chain of N,N’-bis(napthalen-l-yl)-N,N’- bis(phenyl)-benzidine on temperature dependent transport properties, Advanced Material Letter, 7 (10): 783-789. 
  1. Ramar, M, V.Yadav, R. Srivastava, and C. K. Suman. 2015. Effect of Titanyl Phthalocynine doping on opto-electrical properties of Alq3 thin films, Journal of Material Science and Materials Electronics, DOI 10.1007/s10854-015-3341-4. 
  1. Ramar, M., S. Kajal, Prabir Pal, R. Srivastava. and C. K. Suman. 2015. Study of binary and ternary organic hybrid CdSe quantum dot photodetector, Applied Physics A, DOI:10.1007/s00339-015-9293-y. 
  1. Ramar, M. Priyanka Tyagi, and C. K., Suman and Ritu Srivastava. 2014. Enhanced carrier transport in Tris (8-hydroxyquinolinate) aluminum by Titanyl Phthalocyanine doping, RSC Advances, 4, 51256. 
  1. Ramar, M., C. K. Suman, R.Manimozhi, R. Ahamad, and R. Srivastava. 2014. Study of Schottky barrier contact in binary and ternary hybrid CdSe Quantum dot solar cells, RSC Advances, 4, 32651-32657. 
  1. Ramar, M., S. S. Rawat, R. Srivastava and C. K. Suman. 2016. AC Impedance Spectroscopy Studies of PtPc doped Alq3 Thin Films, Springer Proceedings Phys., Vol. 189, 978-3-319-44889-3. 
  1. Ramar, M., C. K. Suman, Priyanka Tyagi and Srivastava, R., 2015. Optical And Electrical Properties Of TiOPc Doped Alq3 Thin Films. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1665, 120001-1–120001-3, doi: 10.1063/1.4918108. 
  1. Ramar, M., C. K. Suman, R. Manimozhi, R.Ahamad, and R. Srivastava. 2013, Study of Schottky barrier contact in hybrid CdSe Quantum dot organic solar cells, 17th International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices 2013 (IWPSD-2013) - Springer International Publishing. 

Honours and Awards 

  • Qualified CSIR – UGC JRF in Physical Sciences conducted by CSIR.
  • Qualified CSIR - Senior Research Fellowship - January 2014 to August 2015.
  • Qualified CSIR - Junior Research Fellowship - January 2012 to December 2013.
  • Best poster presentation on “Effect of mixed solvent concentration on dual donor Organic Solar cells” at CSIR-National Physical laboratory, New Delhi held on National Science day 2013.