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"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Mr. S. Monikandon



Assistant Professor

Field of Specialization


Water Resources Engineering



23/98A, Monikandon Illam
Pullanivilai, Manali Junction, Thuckalay post
Tamil Nadu - 629179





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Areas of Interest :

  • Water quality  Management
  • Waste water Reuse

Honours & Awards :

Young scientist award - Aufau International award 2016 for significant contribution in Civil Engineering. 

Publications (nos):

Book/Book chapter Research/Review papers Technical articles Training/practical  manual Radio talk/Television
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Current projects: 1


Title of the Project


PI & Co- PI

of the Project


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Funding Agency


Development and demonstration of innovative fisheries engineering interventions for the production maximization in fisheries industries in Tamil Nadu

Sub project

4.Demand based solar powered auto feeder for hatcheries


Dr. S. Balasubramanian

Dr. M. Sivakumar

Dr.Mohammad Tanveer

Er. S. Monikandon



Completed projects: Nil

Research publications: 

  1. Kavitha., R., S. Monikandon, D. Kesavan, K. Rajagopal and S. Arumugam 2016. Inhibition of steel corrosion in acid medium  by ethan. lic extract of Cassia fisula, chemical science review and letters 5:55-66
  2. Kavitha., R., S. Monikandon, D. Kesavan and S. Arumugam 2016. Evidence of homogenous adsorption of Samanea saman. extract of inhibition on steel surface. International Journal of Chemical science. 15:2.
  3. Kavitha., R., S. Monikandon, D. Kesavan, M. Gopiraman and S. Arumugam 2016. Physiochemical evidence for the adsorption of Jacaranda oriental journal mimosifoila on steel against corrosion in acid medium on chemistry 32:2147-2153
  4. Monikandon, S. and D.Kesavan 2016, Evaluation of water quality of cauvery river in Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu by principal component analysis, Current world environment. 11:89-95 (NAAS rating 4-98)
  5. Krishnaprakash., A. S. Monikandon, Mohammad Tanveer and D.Kesavan 2016. Physiochemical analysis of ground water samples of south coastal areas of Kanniyakumari in the post tsunami scenario. Material science Research India,13:116-121. (NAAS rating 4-28)
  6. Krishnaprakash, A. and S. Monikandon 2017. Crack failure analysis of scaffolding frame intersection using ADINA, Material science Research India, 14:47-51. (NAAS rating 4-28).
  7. Monikandon, S. and D.Kesavan 2017, Assessment of water quality of Cauvery river in Erode district, Tamil Nadu by variance variable  technique. International journal of science, Environment and technology 5: 2017-2022 (NAAS rating 3-98)
  8. Monikandon., S. Mohammad Tanveer and D. Kesavan 2016. A conceptual approach of infiltration gallery in aquaculture system to reuse the infiltration. Journal of science, Environment and Technology 5:3702-3708 (NAAS rating 3-98)
  9. Mohammad Tanveer., S. Monikandon and D. Kesavan 2016, Application of green technology in aquaculture wastewater, A conceptual approach, International journal of science, Environment and Technology 5:2046-2055 (NAAS rating 3.98)
  10. Monikandon, S. and D. Kesavan 2016. Surface protection of steel by Adsorption of milksia Pinnota Extract, Material Science Research India 13:101-105. (NAAS rating 4.28) 

Honours and Awards

  • Young Scientist Award, AUFAU International Award, India 2016.
  • Best oral presentation Award 2nd National Conference on Fundamental and Applied Chemistry, June 2016.
  • Co-chair for a technical session in 6th Indian young co-technical Engineers conference, NIT, Trichy on 10.03.2017 to 11.03.2017.