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Mrs. D. Babiyola



Assistant Professor

Field of Specialization


Instrumentation of Control Engineering



10-A shanthi Illam, Vellipaliyam
Tamil Nadu - 626124





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Area of Interest

  • Control Systems
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Industrial  Instrumentation

Publications (nos):

Book/Book chapter Research/Review papers Technical articles Training/practical  manual Radio talk/Television
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Current projects: NIL 

Completed projects: NIL 

Research publications: 

  1. Mercy Amrita, C. and Babiyola. 2017. Self Healing Thermal Aware RPL for Body Area Networks. International journal of Science, Environment and Technology, 5 (5):2818 -2822 NAAS rating:3.98
  2. Mercy Amrita, C. A. Pravin Renold and D. Babiyola, 2016. Thermal Aware Routing protocol for Body Area Networks: A Survey. International Journal Of Computer Science Engineering And Information Technology Research, 6(4) : 51-60 NAAS rating:3.63 

Honours and Awards 

Best paper award for the paper, 2016. Thermal Aware Routing protocol for body Area Networks: A Survey, International Journal of Computer science and Information Technology Research.