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"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Dr. P. Karthickumar



Assistant Professor

Field of Specialization


Food Process Engineering



No.4/38, Thondaiman Street,Seithur,
Tamil Nadu - 626121





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Areas of Interest :

  • Non-destructive evaluation of fish quality
  • Development of novel cost-effective gadgets for fish processing
  • Waste utilization and renewable energy technologies

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Development and demonstration of innovative fisheries engineering interventions for the production maximization in fisheries industries in Tamil Nadu

Sub projects

1. Development of power operated fish dressing device

2. Design of low cost fish processing machine

3. Development of small scale automatic integrated powder making unit using fish/food waste


Dr. S. Balasubramanian

Dr. N. Manimehalai

Dr. P. Karthickumar

Dr. S. Balasubramanian

Dr. P. Karthickumar

Dr. N. Manimehalai

Dr. S. Balasubramanian

Dr. N. Manimehalai

Dr. M. Sivakumar

Dr. P. Karthickumar

Dr. D. Kesavan




Tamil Nadu Innovation Initiative

Completed projects: Nil

Research publications :

  • Karthickumar, P., V.R. Sinija and K. Alagusundaram. 2017. Non-destructive method to determine the firmness of sapota based on acoustic resonance technique. Green Farming, 8(4): 233-237.
  • Karthickumar, P. and C. Mercy Amrita. 2016. Application of Machine vision technique in fish processing – An overview. Advances in Life Sciences Journal, 5(23): 10866-10870.
  • Karthickumar, P., V.R. Sinija and K. Alagusundaram. 2016. Food Quality Evaluation Using Acoustic Resonance Technique. In Natural products in food: Prospects and Applications. Edited by Jayanta Kumar Patra, Shakti Kanta Rath and Rasu Jayabalan, Studium press LLC, USA. 401-415p.
  • Karthickumar, P. and P. Balasubramanian. 2015. Potential for Rural Electrification in India: An overview. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 77 (10): 417-420.
  • Karthickumar, P., K.S. Pandian, P. Rajkumar, N. Surendrakumar and M. Balakrishnan. 2015. Development and Evaluation of a Continuous type Tamarind Deseeder. Agricultural Engineering, XL(2): 49-59.
  • Karthickumar, P., V.R. Sinija, K. Alagusundaram and BK. Yadav. 2014. Acoustic Resonance Technique - A Promising Non-destructive Method for Detecting the Internal Defects in Brinjal. Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 5(4): 734-737.
  • Karthickumar, P., V.R. Sinija, K. Alagusundaram and BK. Yadav, B.K. 2014. Effect of impact and sample holding methods of acoustic responses of brinjal. Trends in Bioscience, 7(3): 1740-1744.
  • Mercy Amrita, C. and P. Karthickumar. 2016. Need for mobile application in fishing. International Journal of Science, Environment and Technology. 5(5): 2018-2022.
  • Balasubramanian, P and P. Karthickumar. 2016. Biofertilizers and Biopesticides: A Holistic Approach For Sustainable Agriculture. In Sustainable utilization of natural resources. Edited by Prasenjit Mondal and Ajay K. Dalai. CRC Press, 257-285p.
  • Mercy Amrita, C. and P. Karthickumar. 2016. Applications of machine vision technique in aquaculture – an overview. In Aquaculture development trends in India. Edited by Chelladurai. 116-140p. ISBN : 9789352675265 

Honours and Awards

  • Qualified NET in Agricultural Process Engineering conducted by ASRB
  • Fellowship received during Ph.D. degree programme

Paryavaran Ratana Award from the Indian Centre for Wildlife & Environmental Studies - South Asia Region