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"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

Dr. N. Neethiselvan



Directorate of Fisheries Technology Training and Incubation - Post Harvest (DFTTI-PH)

Field of Specialization


i.Fishing Technology ii. Marine fishery resource assessment and management iii. Cephalopod taxonomy



Department of Fishing Technology and Fisheries Engineering, Fisheries College and Research Institute
Tamilnadu - 628008





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Completed Projects


Title of the project


PI and Co-PI of the Project




Design fabrication and   popularization of squid jiggers in Tamil Nadu.



0.9 Lakh

Government  of Tamil Nadu(Part II scheme)


Assessment of impact of trawling in Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Trust Region

2010 to 2013


2.39 Lakh

Gulf of Mannar Biosphere trust ,Ramanathapuram


Establishment of Martine Engine and Sea safety Training Centre for the Fishermen of fishermen of Tamil Nadu

2012 to 2013


221 Lakhs



International :

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National :

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