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"Harnessing the Science of Fisheries for Food, Nutrition and Livelihood"

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Tamil Nadu Fisheries University

Tamil Nadu Fisheries University (TNFU) is the State funded, unitary professional Fisheries University in India imparting education, research and training to enhance fish production and utilization by following the State Agricultural University (SAU) pattern and syllabi.

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Training Programs

Duration: 2 நாட்கள்
Starts: Dec 20, 2016
Mode : குறுகிய கால பயிற்சி
Registration fee : Rs.500.00 /-
Venue : FC&RI, Ponneri
மீன் வளச்சுடர்
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Meet our Faculties

Mrs. V. Alamelu

Assistant Professor
Department of Fish Quality Assurance and Management
FC&RI, Thoothukudi

Dr. P. Padmavathy

Associate Professor and Head
Department of Fisheries Environment
FC&RI, Thoothukudi

Dr. V. Ramu

Finance Officer

Mr. R. Regupathi

Assistant Professor
Department of Basic Engineering
CoFE, Nagapattinam

Mr. M. Muruganantham

Assistant Professor
Department of Fish Processing Technology
FC&RI, Thoothukudi

Dr. S. Athithan

Professor and Head
Department of Coastal Aquaculture
FC&RI, Thoothukudi